Welcome to Marketing-Taiwan

Marketing-Taiwan is your Taiwan business solution. We believe Taiwan is a great country for you to expand your business and our goal is to help you gain real & actionable insights for your business in Taiwan.

Attracting, Converting, Closing, Delighting your Taiwan users!

Inbound marketing is focused on helping businesses complete the stranger – visitor – lead – customer – promoter cycle through the attract – convert – close – delight series of actions by using various marketing tools which will help you see actual results. While launching, expanding or keeping your business relevant in Taiwan, Marketing-Taiwan E-book will guide you to develop one Inbound Marketing Plan. The E-book helps you identify your target audience on the Taiwan business market, set your business goals and use the best strategies to reach them.

Content Marketing is what will bring traffic to your Taiwan website. Ergo, it needs to be fresh, of top notch quality and it should offer your customers useful information which they can actually use.

SEO is what will put your website on the Taiwan business map. By picking the best keywords to accurately describe your business, products and services, you have the best chances to fortify your position on the Taiwan market.

Social Media Marketing is actually based on attracting Taiwanese Facebook users. This is where you will show prospective customers that your business cares about their needs. Engaging them will help your business thrive in the Taiwan online business environment.

Of course, Marketing-Taiwan E-book covers much more! Check it out!