Taiwanese Consumer Behaviour vs Taiwanese Businesses

The Taiwanese market is open to any entrepreneur that wants to launch a Taiwanese business and become successful. Nevertheless, before you jump head in, you should make sure that you understand the business realm in Taiwan – what Taiwanese individuals are all about and how businesses can cater to their specific needs.

Taiwanese consumers are smart consumers

Being the manager of a startup in Taiwan is not an easy job, especially if you want to use all of your resources efficiently.

Taiwanese individuals have started to become immune to ads, which means that businesses need to find new, original ways of attracting them. Obviously, globalizationis the main reason why Taiwanese consumers have risen their standards regarding the products and services that they consume. As a free country, Taiwan offers you the freedom to find the most ingenious ways of promoting your brand.

Internet penetration, which is now at 84% is yet another factor that influences the behaviour of Taiwanese people. The online world is where you will reach most of your target audience and where the name, products and services of your brand will have the chance to become viral. As an added bonus, 9 in 10 Taiwanese internet users own a smartphone and according to the Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC), in June 2015, 68.8% of them used them for online activities. The same research study says that computers are used by 56.3% Taiwanese internet surfers, while laptops by merely 22.4%. This data tells us that mobile apps and mobile websites should not be ignored while creating a business strategy.

Cultural idioms dictate how your brand is perceived in Taiwan

Taiwan is not equal to China. Using the same language and idioms that you use on the Chinese market is a strategy that will contribute to an early failure of your Taiwanese business. Language is one of the barriers that might lead to cultural misunderstandings as an English-only message will not reach your target audience. Younger generations will probably understand it, but a Taiwanese or Taiwanese-English approach would be more effective.

In the online environment, social media will allow you to get an immediate reaction to the message that you want to spread. Facebook has a 71% penetration rate in Taiwan, which means that your marketing plan needs to be adjusted accordingly. Instead of focusing your resources on other globally popular social networks, you should limit your content strategy to Facebook.

Brand identity and smart PR can pave your path to success

Taiwan comes from a manufacturing background, where business managers were obsessed with increasing sales numbers instead of creating a bond with their target audience. Nowadays, brand identity is what will get your Taiwanese business far. It will help you build trust and convince Taiwanese consumers that your products and services are their best choice.

Making sure that the general public has the best possible opinion about your brand is not easy to achieve, especially if you do not understand the Taiwanese consumers’ way of thinking. A Public Relations (PR) practitioner can act as a “window” through which your Taiwanese business delivers information. Consumers’ opinions need to be acknowledged, but they also need to be kept on a need-to-know basis.

Essential Facts About Taiwanese Online Consumers

Spending time online is one of the favourite activities of Taiwanese consumers that own some sort of computer or mobile device. While being connected to the internet, they are active on social media and enjoy visiting online shops.

1. Forget about ads and focus your efforts on user experience for better results

Due to the fact that the online world is filled with ads for various products, Taiwanese internet users have gotten to a point where they feel completely annoyed. If you want them to pay attention to your products/services, offer them quality content that can they use in their day to day life. This is how you get them to acknowledge and see your brand as a life-improving entity that is worth their time and money.

When you talk about Taiwan and social media, Facebook should be your main focus. If you are looking for an even more personalized approach, there is nothing stopping you from including the local BBS social network ( in your content strategy. Your social media strategy should value quality over quantity. A less promotional content/more educational content strategy will help your Taiwanese business go a long way.

If you are already thinking about cutting costs, the user interface of your website should not have to suffer. When Taiwanese internet users have to deal with badly organised websites that take forever to load, their immediate reaction is a negative one. They will go back to the search results page and follow a link to another similar website. Great user experience is essential if you want Taiwanese web surfers to stay on your website and visit it again in the future.

2. Taiwanese user experience and Feedback go hand in hand

Besides not enjoying ads, Taiwanese consumers are used to stating their opinion freely about any topic of interest, including the products and services of a particular business. As long as you constantly try to improve their experience with your brand, they will not state any negative facts about it. Moreover, they will turn to your Taiwanese business for support time and time again.

Taiwanese individuals are proud of being Taiwanese, not Chinese, which means that a general inbound marketing plan for the Asian market is a waste of resources. Their opinion will be influenced by your approach. As a Taiwanese startup manager, you can’t afford to disappoint your Taiwanese audience. If you do that, everyone will know about it and your brand might not be able to recover.

3. Taiwanese consumers enjoy the English language, but they are not good at it

You can use English-based promotional materials, but you should not make Taiwanese individuals struggle to understand the meaning of your message. English words or idioms can be used to catch the eye of your Taiwanese audience, but you should not overdo it. Go with a simple, concise, easy to understand message/text.

One of the facts that you might not know about Taiwan is that it is big on environment. You have the option of using this important detail to create a smart strategy that will make your Taiwanese business more likeable. Show your concern for the planet and gain the attention and respect of Taiwanese consumers.

Mistakes that Affect Your Taiwan Website Ranking

Taiwan SEO

Before you start making any SEO decisions regarding your Taiwan business and website, it would be recommended that you learn a few essential facts about this process. SEO or Search Engine Optimization requires a lot of practice, attention to detail and a fantastic work ethic. Instead of trying to improve your Taiwan website ranking through so called “fast” methods, you should do some research and learn from the best.

Rankings which are acquired over time are the ones that last the most and that will help your Taiwan business evolve!

You are probably asking yourself why you should care so much about what Google does. You want your website out there, so the search engine’s algorithm should pick up on it and index it so that it appears on the results page, right? In fact, this is the worst approach that you could opt for when you want your Taiwan business to succeed. If you want results, you need to work for them.

What mistakes are you bound to make in the Taiwan online environment?

  1. You believe that SEO rules remain the same. So, instead of doing some research regarding the current DOs and DON’ts associated with SEO practices in Taiwan, you just go ahead and optimize your website according to certain facts you used to know about this process.

What do you think will happen? Best case scenario, your website turns up on the 10th results page of the search engine. Worst case scenario, your website gets blacklisted, which means that your pages will not even be listed when someone looks for keywords associated with your Taiwan business.


  1. You try to trick the search engine’s algorithm into improving your Taiwan website ranking. A quick search will offer you a comprehensive list of “cheats” that will help you place your website on the 1st page of Google. Before you do anything in this matter, you should ask yourself if it is worth the trouble.

Even if you do somehow manage to get your Taiwan website on the 1st page, Google’s algorithm will catch on and delete it altogether. So, all of your efforts will be for nothing. NEVER waste your time with black hat SEO techniques which are not only aggressive, but also focus on a search engine instead of user experience.


  1. You don’t invest any of your time in social media and don’t even create social networking pages for your Taiwan business.  

Especially when talking about Taiwan social media, you should know that Facebook can offer you the chance to use some fantastic SEO strategies. Over 91% of Taiwan internet users have a Facebook profile and use it to look for information and communicate with others. Use this fact to improve your Taiwan website ranking!


  1. You write incredibly useful blog posts for Taiwan users, but do not promote them.

Keep in mind the fact that even if you follow all SEO rules regarding the content of your blog post, you will still need to promote it properly. You can forget about improving your Taiwan website ranking if you don’t build links around the main keyword(s) used on the page and if you don’t post said link on your Facebook page.


  1. You duplicate the content you publish. Instead of simply keeping a blog post on your blog, where it belongs, you copy it on your Taiwan website and on your Facebook page and everywhere else.

Google’s algorithm is designed to improve the experience of Taiwan internet users by offering them immediate access to websites that will truly help them with their search queries. If you duplicate your content, the search engine will immediately take action against your Taiwan website.


  1. You focus on publishing as much content as possible, so you write a sentence here, copy a paragraph there and in 30 seconds, you have your new article or blog post.

Most probably, you have heard somewhere that one of the best SEO practices involves publishing fresh content often. When talking about content that can truly improve your Taiwan website ranking, you have to combine quality writing with proper keyword density and add them to the mix. Yes, you need to publish content often, but you have to make sure that it’s informative and well written. If not, it will affect your ranking.


  1. You do everything possible to increase the traffic on your website, but don’t analyse the performance of your SEO strategies.

You are just happy that your Taiwan website gets a lot of traffic. If you don’t opt for conversion tracking for the keywords that you use, you will not know what works and what doesn’t. In the end, you will put in too much effort without even realizing it. By taking a look at the conversion rate of each keyword, you will be able to optimize your SEO plan.

Don’t believe that SEO practices are the same for every business and will work on internet users from all over the world. Especially when you want to extend your business to the Taiwan market, you should make sure that you leave the improvement of your search engine ranking in the hands of Marketing-Taiwan, a team of digital marketing professionals that will customise the best SEO strategies to your advantage. We will deliver measurable results that last in time!


Creating Content That Matches the Theme of Your Taiwan Business

Taiwan Content marketing

Content marketing should be one of your top priorities when you want to launch or expand your business in Taiwan because it can help you attract new customers and keep them interested in your brand.

Why do I need specialized content?

You require specialized Traditional Chinese content because it’s one of the best ways of making your brand stand out of the crowd. Every single Taiwan business needs to have a main theme that it should promote over and over again.

The content that you post on social media and even use for promotional materials needs to match your current business theme. If you are worried that you will not be able to come up with new, interesting ideas all the time, you shouldn’t be!

Your customers already tell you everything you need to know through the topics that they are interested in and the type of content that they post or follow on a daily basis. You just need to connect these topics with the theme of your Taiwan business.

Let’s say that you are the owner of a Taiwan business that offers online fitness classes. The main theme of your company is: “We want to help busy individuals exercise properly from the comfort of their own home so that they can get in shape, stay fit and healthy.”

How will I come up with ideas?

Here is how you can match the main theme of the business to the content that your prospective customers are interested in. First of all, you need to make sure that your content focuses on 3 main ideas.

These ideas need to be completely different. The information that you pass around should not be a repetition of the same old idea. Interesting, original and specific content will convince online users to stop and pay attention to your Taiwan website.

To achieve the results that you are working for, you need to focus on content that presents fun ways of exercising while being at home, tips that will help individuals stay motivated or healthy, yet delicious recipes that will help them lead a healthier lifestyle.

Let’s say that your customers currently post about music, junk food and fun activities. Now, all you need to do is match your Taiwan business theme with these topics and come up with content that will guide prospective customers towards your online fitness classes.

You should consider pairing music with fun activities, junk food with healthy food and motivation tips with solutions to daily exercising issues. At this point, you have three main ideas that you can use to come up with appealing posts for your main audience.

For music and fun activities, you can post photos of pillow fights, childhood games such as jumping rope, add a link to workout music and write content that talks about the benefits of laughing while doing everything mentioned above.

When it comes to junk food & healthy food combination, you can take all the popular, yet unhealthy recipes that you can find and change the ingredients that add too many calories to the meal. Remember to talk about the advantages of healthier food and to focus on the deliciousness of the new ingredients. Add some convincing photos as well.

For the third idea, you should know that – every day, individuals find a whole new set of reasons to not exercise – they feel tired, they are too busy, there are other pressing matters that they need to attend and so on. All your content should be based on motivational advice and solutions that will help your customers overcome all of the obstacles mentioned above.

How do I get measurable results?

Interesting enough, you can measure the results of all your efforts by counting likes, comments, analyzing feedback and the percentage of online Taiwan followers that you have managed to reach through your content.

Are you ready to apply these principles to your own online Taiwan business/website? If you need guidance, Marketing-Taiwan is here to help you every single step of the way!

Appeal to Taiwan Searchers and Search Engines with SEO

Most certainly, you have heard about SEO or Search Engine Optimization before. It is the kind of process that should get all of your attention, because without it, your Taiwan website will not benefit from the online recognition it deserves.

Why is SEO so important for your Taiwan business?

Well, the situation is not that complicated if you only want to promote your business through traditional marketing channels. However, when it comes to the online environment, you need SEO strategies. Otherwise, your Taiwan website will not be on that search results page. This translates into low performance, low traffic, low sales numbers.

Taiwan web surfers look for products, services and information online by using their favourite search engine and typing out keywords or full questions that have something to do with the topic that they are interested in. If your website is not indexed by the search engine, then you don’t stand a chance against your competitors.

What should your SEO plan focus on?

The first and utmost important fact that you need to keep in mind when developing your SEO plan is that your Taiwan website needs to appeal to search engines and then to Taiwan internet users. This means that you have to learn what search engines look for in the websites that they index and how you can make your Taiwan site more attractive for visitors.

Most probably, after a bit of research, you will realize that search engines want to delight Taiwan internet users with the best search results possible. You are at the point where the success of your Taiwan business/website is in your hands. SEO is what will get you on the right path towards success.

Here is what your SEO plan should focus on:

It would be recommended that you optimize your Taiwan website so that it can be picked up by search engines and placed on the first page of the search results page. To do that, you have to make sure that your Taiwan website focuses on a main topic that is posted on all pages.

Let’s say that you are the owner of a shop that sells and rents karaoke equipment. Even though you can have more than one topic on your website, your main one should be regarding your karaoke equipment. This means that all the keywords that you choose should revolve around it. A little bit of keyword research will help you in this matter.

After you have managed to choose the karaoke keywords that are relevant for your business, you should include them everywhere you can – page titles, page content, product descriptions, tagline and so on. You should know that it is not enough to optimize just a few pages of our Taiwan website. Do this with your entire website and cross-link the pages.

The most important pages of your Taiwan website should have a link on the homepage. This way, visitors will find what they are looking for and can be easily guided towards what’s important. For your karaoke website, your homepage should include a link to special offers, to karaoke FAQ, to the “about us” section and so on.

At this point, you should make sure that you change the structure of your permalinks and swap numbers with keywords such as the ones mentioned above. Search engines will appreciate this SEO strategy and so will Taiwan visitors. So, instead of, you should have something like

Even the images that you post on your Taiwan website should reflect the core of your business. So, instead of a photo that has the title “d5436.jpg”, you should opt for “karaoke-system.jpg”. Before you do anything else, make sure that you understand just how essential the content posted on your website is.

Appeal to Taiwan Searchers and Search Engines with SEO

Focus on quality descriptions, texts and articles that are not only well-written, but also extremely appealing. Grammar, style and word use should make visitors believe that the content is written by a human and not a robot. Remember to update the content on a regular basis and focus on quality rather than quantity.

Once your website is in a fantastic condition, SEO wise, you should consider linking it to other relevant sites. Of course, this does not mean that you should fill your pages with all sorts of links. A few useful ones are enough. For instance, for your karaoke website, you can add a link to a website that focuses on the upcoming karaoke events in your town.

Even though it sounds a bit too complicated, the good news is that you don’t have to go through this whole process alone. Marketing-Taiwan will be by your side, helping you come up with a SEO plan and apply it to your website. Along with content development and other essential inbound marketing tools, our team will guide your Taiwan business towards reaching its goals!

Test Your Taiwanese Content Before You Invest

These are the questions that we will answer in this article:

  1. What should you know regarding the dissimilarities between short and long form content?
  2. What are the reasons that should convince you to use both forms of content?
  3. What is the best way to see and measure results?

Taiwanese content quality

Before you start thinking about the length of the content that you intend on creating and posting online, you should make sure that you pay attention to an essential factor – Taiwanese content quality. With that in mind, you should be aware that long form content is usually longer than 3000 words, while short form content focuses below this particular word count.

Long form vs Short form

Long form content will convince your target audience to spend more time on your Taiwan website or blog and will offer more in-depth information. This way, the content posted can truly help the Taiwanese reader in his day to day life. However, the chances of the long form Taiwanese content going viral or being shared are not that great.

Short form content is more likeable and shareable from the point of view of online Taiwanese users. Due to the fact that individuals usually scan the content and focus on the keywords, short form Taiwanese content might be best if you want to draw attention to your Taiwanese website and get the online recognition that you require.

Both of these types of content offer a different set of advantages, but what you need to keep in mind is that they complete each other in terms of helping you reach the goals of your Taiwan business. What long form content can not help you with is handled by short form content.

Case Study

Let’s say that you are the manager of a cooking blog where you post all sorts of fun reviews of healthy food products. One day, you decide that you want to take this entire business idea one step further, so you pay for the services of a filming crew and you have them film you while you cook something. When the video is done, you post it online.

The only problem in this case is that only your close friends or relatives see and like your video. What did you do wrong? Well, you did not know beforehand if people were going to be interested in such a cooking video, which means that you did not know if your budget was going to be well-spent.

Even though you were presenting something fun and interesting, you can’t know for sure that this will be what others think. Well, successful Taiwanese marketers usually focus on mixing long form content with short form content. They make sure that before they invest time, money and energy, they test their idea in its shortest and simplest form.


The smartest way of finding out if your idea is a successful one that engages your target audience, is to consider starting small and increase the length of your posts gradually. You should go through all these stages: small, medium, long.

Small or micro is the type of content that you usually see on social networking sites such as Twitter, or in Taiwan, it will be on Line app or instagram. It’s cost efficient and it allows you to test different variations of your idea. Medium or base is a form of content that you use when creating blog posts, short videos or even newsletters, while long form content also known as hero is used when it comes to event series, films and even apps.

If you have reached hero mode, your idea is extremely successful. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind the fact that even though your Taiwanese business has many followers online and your Taiwanese content gets many likes, this does not mean that you have reached your full potential. You should be paying attention to the number of shares.

The more people share your Taiwanese content, the easier it will be for you to realize just how interesting your idea is. Look at the comments that Taiwanese online users post and do a quick analysis of your content. Does it answer the questions of your followers? Make sure that you also check out the number of leads that your content gets you.


This way, you can find out if your content is convincing people to do what you are expecting them to do. Sales numbers account for another factor that will help you measure the level of your success.

7 Interesting Facts about Digital Marketing in Taiwan (Part 2)

After reading 7 Interesting Facts about Digital Marketing in Taiwan (Part 1), The second part of our in depth analysis of Digital Marketing in Taiwan will tell you more about the factors that will help you have a better understanding of how Taiwanese individuals perceive the online environment. While working with the best inbound marketing team, you will know exactly what questions to ask them regarding the marketing plan that will put your Taiwan business on the map.

Next 4 Interesting Facts

  1. When talking about Taiwan social media, you need to focus all of your efforts on Facebook.

It’s essential to understand that Taiwanese internet users have a different behaviour than users from other countries. If in other parts of the world a successful digital marketing campaign encompasses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in Taiwan, the situation is quite different. When you want to reach as many individuals as possible, you need to publish engaging content on Facebook. This is the social network that has a say in the way your business will evolve. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind the fact that even though your posts will get countless likes, you still need your marketing team to work on creating quality content. This will be an ongoing task.


  1. Around 88% of Taiwan internet users access the online world on their smartphones.

This is extremely useful to know, especially when your goal is to attract as many internet users and convince them to visit your Taiwan website. If your site is not mobile friendly, people will avoid visiting it, which translates into less traffic and even lower sales numbers. You should also consider having a specific app created so that smartphone users can install it on their phone and benefit from a more satisfying customer experience. Just think about how easy it would be for your customers to order the products that they wanted with a few taps on their phone. This is yet another topic that you should talk about with your digital marketing team. They will be able to guide your Taiwan business in the right direction.


  1. More than 90% of Taiwan internet users go online from the comfort of their home.

If you believe that the place from where people access your website does not really matter, you should think again. When you are at work and only have a few minutes to spare, you don’t have the patience or the time to visit all sorts of websites. However, when you are at home, you are actually in a free environment where you can be yourself and do whatever you desire without worrying that your activities will be monitored and interrupted. So, you should consider this good news and use this piece of information to create content that Taiwan online users will enjoy.


  1. Besides visiting social networks and communicating with others, Taiwanese individuals use the online environment to search for information.

That’s exactly why you should learn more about search engine rankings and their importance in the online Taiwan environment. As you may already know and have probably tried on your own, when you need a piece of information, you usually use your favourite search engine to look for it. You can either type a few important keywords or a complete sentence. From a business point of view, you want a link to your website to be on the first page of the search engine’s results list. This way, you know that most of the Taiwanese individuals that look for products, services or even content that is somewhat related to your business, will visit your website.

In a word, you could say that Taiwanese internet users use mostly their smartphones, when they are at home, to go on Facebook and look for information. You can base your entire digital marketing strategy on this simple sentence. As long as you rely on the expertise of our team at Marketing-Taiwan, you will be able to see for yourself just how useful it can be to opt for the services of marketing professionals that completely understand the behaviour of Taiwanese consumers.

Keywords, SEO and Your Taiwan Website

In this article, you will find the answer to the following questions:

  1. What is the first step towards finding the best keywords for search engine optimization?
  2. Where do I get my inspiration for strong keywords?
  3. Which of the existing tools are ideal for coming up with relevant keywords?

Taiwanese Love Searches!

One of the most important facts that you need to understand about your customers and even prospective customers is that they perform searches online at all times. When they want to find something, they use their favourite search engine and type words, questions and even complete phrases.

Relevant & Personal

To succeed at SEO (search engine optimization), you have to find out exactly which of these searches are most relevant for your business. Once you do that, you will be able to make sure that your ads show up on just the right list of search results. Picking the best keywords will help you achieve all that and much more.

If you really want to do what is best for your Taiwan website/business, you have to get personal. One of the smartest choices that you could make would be to rely on a team of digital marketing experts. Nevertheless, keep in mind the fact that you are the one that knows your business inside out.

Even if you decide to leave the marketing part of your business in the hands of experts such as the ones at Marketing-Taiwan, your input is extremely valuable. You need to get involved in the SEO process so that together with your Taiwan marketing team, you manage to reach all your business goals.

Real Example

Let’s say that you are the manager of a small catering business that want to receive Taiwanese orders online. To find the best keywords for your Taiwan website, you have to use all the facts that you already know about the three elements that affect your success – your business, your target audience and your competitors.

As a manager of a catering business, you should consider taking a look at your website, pay attention to the feedback of customers and the questions that they ask and check out the websites of your direct competitors.

To get more specific, you need to try out a highly successful method called “brainstorming” that will help you come up with 3-5 keywords. Even though you might be tempted to fall in the trap of picking only one, generic keyword such as “menu”, you should know that selecting a short phrase is a much better idea.

If you pick “menu” as a main keyword, your Taiwan business will be in the same boat as other similar businesses from restaurants, pubs and take-outs to clubs. You need keywords that will help single your business out. You should consider keyword phrases such as “home party catering”, “small function catering” and “home chef catering”.

It is pretty obvious that you should not write detailed phrases. Every single word you use for these keyword phrases is essential. That is why you should opt for “small function catering” instead of “catering for small function”.

Now that you have your main keywords, you should do some research that can help you extend the list. It would be a good idea to start with your Taiwan website and see if there are products, packages or offers that you would like to focus on. If you want to make your turkey dishes popular, you can add the keyword “turkey buffet catering” to the list.

At this point, you need to pay attention to your customers, to the searches that they make when they visit your site and to the information that they provide when they are asked about your Taiwan business and products. If you notice that they are constantly searching for small party catering options, you should add “mini party buffet” and even “mini party set” to your keywords.

Last, but not least, you should check out the websites of your competitors and get the inspiration for your keywords from their own SEO strategy. If one of your competitors is offering a deluxe catering service, you should think about a keyword phrase such as “deluxe feast package”.


For more keywords, you should look into Google Keyword Planner, Bing Keyword Research and Google Analytics. The planner tools will offer you the chance to come up with keywords that you have not thought about before. Choose the ones that are suitable for your Taiwan business.

On the other hand, the analytics tools will offer you access to a search report that will tell you which of your keywords are the most popular ones. This way, you can work with your Taiwan inbound marketing team to adjust your SEO strategy.

10 Taiwan Marketing Myths (Part 2)

After reading Part 1, now you know that Taiwan is not a completely industrialized country and that you can have your marketing plan focus on brand oriented strategies. Here are five more myths that will help you better understand Taiwan and its business environment as well as allow you to improve your decision making process.

Next 5 Taiwan Marketing Myths

  1. If you have many Facebook likes, this means that your sales numbers are surely going to go up.

In the Taiwanese online environment, the situation is more different than in other countries. That is because of the fact that Taiwanese users don’t really discriminate when it comes to content and they are inclined to press the like button without too much trouble. Even though Facebook is the most popular social network, you should know that actually reaching your target audience will require you to include this goal into your overall inbound marketing plan. Keep in mind the fact that publishing quality content at just the right time will help you get better results on social media.


  1. Taiwan is not big on environmental awareness, so don’t bother trying to create a better reputation for your business by promoting environmentally friendly products and services.

In fact, Taiwan has created a reputation for itself, at least when it comes to Asian regions and you should know that it is one of the most environmentally aware countries here. Of course, as in any other parts of the world, there are certain system glitches that need to be worked out. Nevertheless, you should still consider talking to your marketing team about including environmentally friendly promotional materials that will align your goals with the somewhat newly gained values of Taiwanese individuals. This is a niche that can truly be explored by businesses that want to make a name for themselves on the Taiwan market.



  1. If you want to make it on the Taiwan business market, you need to pay for the services of a translator.

This is only partly true, due to the fact that you have the option of working with a team of inbound marketing professionals which are also English speakers. So, when talking about launching or expanding your business on the Taiwan market, you don’t need to spend your budget on a translator. Instead, you should be looking for an experienced team of marketing specialists that don’t only know all there is to know about Taiwanese consumers, but will also be able to communicate with you in an efficient manner. Success is only a step away when you want to penetrate the Taiwan business market!



  1. Content marketing is a rather new concept in the Taiwanese business environment.

This is completely untrue. Content marketing is one of the first topics that Taiwanese marketing professionals will talk about. This is actually a concept that has started being used in business related conversations for a few years now, since Taiwanese consumers have started changing their behaviour. Due to globalization and high internet use, Taiwanese individuals need to be attracted by a particular brand. They don’t just buy whatever they see or hear about. You have to find a way to reel them in and an inbound marketing plan can help you do just that. In fact, content marketing is one of the most important parts of successful marketing plans.



  1. Businesses that want to succeed on the Taiwan business market don’t need a local marketing team.

There are countless reasons why this is not true, one of them being the fact that Taiwan based marketing professionals understand the local culture, the needs of your target audience and the behaviour of Taiwanese consumers. They know what works, what doesn’t and how to put your marketing budget to good use. When you invest in marketing services provided by Taiwanese marketing experts, your business benefits from a personalized approach that will allow you to reach your target audience, attract them, turn them into paying customers and then into loyal promoters of your brand.
Marketing-Taiwan will offer you the chance to run a successful business on the Taiwan market. These English speaking professionals are able to understand your requirements and align your business goals with the needs of Taiwanese consumers. Tell us more about your organization and we will come up with prolific business solutions which will support your company in the Taiwan business environment!

Read More: 10 Taiwan Marketing Myths (Part 1)

10 Quick Tips About Digital Marketing in Taiwan

Think of marketing your website or content in Taiwan?

Here are the Taiwan Marketing Tips:

1. Extremely high Facebook penetration, good tool for lead nurturing.
2. Yahoo! is still the homepage for most computer users.
3. Yahoo! Answers are still more trustworthy than the news.
4. User reviews are more important than commercial tagline.
5. Engage celebrities/famous bloggers to attract inbound traffic.
6. Never neglect discussion forums. (PTT, mobile01, FG, verywed, etc)
7. Long tail keywords have higher ROI than short tail keywords.
8. Post more informative content for sharing.
9. Local SEO is important for owned/rented channels.
10. Publish testimonials to earn reputation and user trusts.

10 Taiwan Marketing Myths (Part 1)

Nowadays, companies that would like to expand to the Taiwanese business market need to collaborate with marketing professionals that don’t only understand the needs of locals, but can also use all of their knowledge to help brands gain the exposure that they require. A serious mistake that you could make would be to believe in all the myths that you hear about Taiwan marketing.

The First 5 Taiwan Marketing Myths

Here are a few myths that Marketing-Taiwan will debunk so that you can use the information presented here to make better decisions for your business in Taiwan.

  1. All Taiwanese people speak English, which means that you don’t need to worry about producing content which has something to do with their culture.

The truth is that even though most Taiwanese individuals are accustomed to the English language, this does not mean that brands can win them over by using English-based promotional materials. It is a well-known fact that even global brands have tried using English slogans or tried translating them into different languages and have failed.  If you would like to try using a multilingual approach, you should know that combining English words with common local expressions and Taiwan Traditional Chinese phrases will attract more consumers than opting for English only content. Another smart idea would be to rely solely on Taiwanese expressions that will appeal to locals.



  1. The Taiwanese traditional media channels are dying, which means that you should not include any traditional strategies into your marketing plan.

This is yet another myth that we feel the urge to debunk due to the fact that local Taiwanese newspapers and TV stations are still extremely popular among Taiwanese individuals. Even though the online world is more populated than it was a few years back, traditional media channels are still going strong. As a matter fact, notorious prints such as Liberty Media and even Next Magazine are actually pushing Taiwanese consumers towards digital portals. So, if you are currently trying to work on a marketing plan for your Taiwan business, you should not overlook the reach of traditional marketing channels. You might want to combine traditional tools with a personalized digital/inbound marketing plan for better results.



  1. Taiwan is not among top business potential powers in Asia, which means that it would be better to expand your business on other markets such as China.

In fact, Taiwan is the 5th economy in Asia and ranks 15th on the global economy chart. Moreover, you should be aware of the fact that Taiwan is considered one of the freest media countries in Asia, which means that you will be able to use a wide range of marketing tools to build, nourish and promote your brand at a national level; not to mention the fact that Taiwan has a 79% rate of Internet usage and 91% Facebook penetration. If you think about it, Taiwan is able to welcome investors that can sell their products and services to more than 23 million individuals.



  1. It is not worth investing your resources in creating a Taiwanese brand or promoting a brand based culture. Focusing on sales will offer you the expected ROI results.

One of the most important facts that you need to understand about the Taiwan business market is that it has started to mature. This means that nowadays, businesses prefer to move their manufacturing plants off-shore and launch more modern companies that focus on fields such as technology. Interesting enough, the same business investors have started to understand just how much value a properly built brand can have. Consumer behaviour has changed, which means that you need to invest in a smart, strategic marketing plan which has a long reach over time and that focuses on understanding the needs of prospective customers so that they can be turned into actual paying customers.



  1. Creating quality content for online Taiwanese users is enough to make your business successful.

The truth is that this is actually one of the biggest traps that you could fall into. First of all, you should make sure that you focus on content marketing, which means that you create the required quality content and then use the best Taiwan marketing tools to reach your Taiwan target audience. Even though it sounds pretty simple, you should know that you need a continuous inbound marketing plan which depends on a series of factors and actions that must be adjusted to your business’s needs. Quality content is only a part of the plan that will bring leads and traffic to your Taiwan website.



This the first part of our Taiwan Marketing Myths list that should help you see the Taiwan business market from a completely new point of view. It is pretty obvious that Taiwanese businesses understand the need for efficient marketing plans that will attract – convert – close – delight Taiwanese consumers. Marketing-Taiwan will offer your business the support it requires to become successful in this opportunity filled environment.

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