10 Quick Taiwan SEO Tips

SEO Tips

It is a known fact that a successful inbound marketing plan encompasses content marketing, SEO, social media strategies and proper collaboration between the sales and marketing department. When talking about SEO in Taiwan, it would be recommended that you follow these 10 quick tips so that you can benefit from fantastic results.

  1. Hire a Taiwan based digital marketing team.

You are probably wondering what this has to do with your SEO strategy. Well, there is no better way to benefit from all the support that your Taiwan business requires. These marketing professional understand the Taiwanese consumer behaviour and know which of the existing SEO tools work in Taiwan and which don’t.

  1. Find your competitors and learn more about the SEO keywords that they use.

Most probably, you have a few competitors on the Taiwan market that have managed to lock their position on the market. If you want to do the same and even get one step ahead of them, you will need to have your marketing team analyze their SEO keywords and their results.

  1. Optimize your Taiwanese website.

All the content that you publish on your Taiwan website should include SEO keywords that will help you gain better visibility in the online world. Aside from creating quality content, you should know that the best SEO keywords will help search engines such as Google properly rank your site.

  1. Choose the best SEO keywords.

Even though this tip is something that everyone knows, you should be aware of the fact that not many individuals understand what it really means. It is pretty obvious that when you run an online Taiwan clothes store, you have to look for keywords that are related to your activity. However, you should try not to go for the simplest ones such as “shop” or “clothes”.

  1. Pick SEO keywords that are not used by everyone else.

It can be rather difficult to come across a combination of words that other business from your field have not used already. However, you can ask your Taiwan digital marketing team to help you in this matter. This way, you will benefit from better Google ranking.

  1. Look into SEO keywords that are related to Taiwanese expressions.

It does not really matter if you want to use a combination of English-Taiwanese keywords or solely Taiwanese keywords. It can be quite difficult to make the right decision in this case if you don’t benefit from the assistance of inbound marketing experts from Taiwan.

  1. Build your links around your SEO keywords.

Again, this is a fantastic tip that will surely get your website on the first page of Google’s search results list. The better you optimize your Taiwan website, the higher the level of visibility that you will benefit from.

  1. Use natural phrasing on your entire Taiwan website.

Natural phrasing has a lot to do with the density of your SEO keywords. Try not to overdo it because using the same keywords too many times on a page will make your content sound spammy. This will surely affect your Google ranking.

  1. Rely on Taiwan inbound marketing professionals that can offer you an ongoing SEO strategy.

Although it might sound like it’s a good idea to hire a SEO expert for a few hours and then move along to the next professional that can help you in this matter, you should think about the results that you will get. If you want to see positive results at all times, you will need to rely on a team of SEO professionals that will work for you on an ongoing basis.

  1. Invest in a fantastic website/page design.

The more organised your website is, the more popular it will become. As long as the pages on your Taiwan site have a clean design, the content is neatly organised and keyword density matches the requirements of the search engine’s algorithm, Google will rank them higher on the search results page.


At this point, you probably understand that when you want to benefit from a fantastic result-generating SEO strategy, you will need to rely on the help of an inbound marketing team. Marketing-Taiwan knows that SEO is only a part of your inbound marketing plan and will do everything possible to ensure that all aspects of this plan are properly taken care of. Expect to see your Taiwan business thrive!

3 Common Misconceptions About Taiwan Digital Marketing

Many business owners and marketers think Taiwan digital marketing can be a key growth strategy for their Taiwan market, and it can be convenient to just apply what works on global market (or your market) to Taiwan. But actually in Taiwan we have our own game. You need to plan your marketing strategy carefully before entering it.

3 misconceptions

1. Social Media: Twitter, Google+ and Weibo?

No, No, No, it’s Facebook, the major one! And there is a network protocol PTT.cc you can’t neglect! Very few people use Twitter, Google+, Weibo (that’s for China).

Facebook’s penetration rate in Taiwan is higher than in any other market in the world, Taiwan had a 75% Facebook penetration rate today. Around 13 million daily users in Taiwan, according to Facebook data. It is one of the most important website/app in Taiwanese daily life. Therefore, from the marketing’s point of view, Facebook is your marketing playground and you can find your potential users easily.

In addition to Facebook, you need to know a local platform – Taiwan’s BBS – a Telnet based social network that has been developed in 1969. PTT.cc is the largest BBS in Taiwan with 1.5 million registered users and about 40,000 posts are created everyday listed in different “Boards”. Topics include gossiping, e-shopping, joke, movie, food, game, make-up, boy/girl & romance issues, music, car, phone…you name it! If a marketer can successfully sneak in here and have people talk about the product or service, you have done half of your digital marketing effort. Way to go!


2. Messaging App: WhatsApp and WeChat

Noooooo! Taiwanese love Line!

Today Line hits 16 million users in Taiwan, that’s almost 70% of Taiwanese. In our opinion, Line’s cute stickers really help it acquire market share and differentiate itself with global competitors such as WhatsApp and Chinese app WeChat. These innovative and funny stickers are irresistible to Taiwanese culture; to us, a sticker represents more than a thousand words, it has emotion and personality, and it is convenient. The stickers and messages are used daily with friend or family, and with people from workplace.

Line has a product known as official accounts which companies can use to interact with Line users. This could be your digital marketing start point.

3. Taiwanese read Simplified Chinese too

Of course not!! You know Taiwan uses Traditional Chinese, don’t you?

Some people might think that Simplified Chinese is just another type of Chinese, should be simpler and easier to Taiwanese. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Don’t use any Simplified Chinese content to your Taiwan audience, if you do, your brand is dead, we mean it, dead. Taiwanese see Simplified Chinese as sort of incomplete stuff, we are proud of using Traditional Chinese; hence using Simplified Chinese would directly make the quality of your product or service look “incomplete and poor”, and you certainly don’t want that happen to your business and brand.

Now, based on the goals you’ve established for Taiwan digital marketing, you can then begin to work out and refine what tactics and platforms you will use. Good luck on Taiwan digital marketing!