Creating Content That Matches the Theme of Your Taiwan Business

Taiwan Content marketing

Content marketing should be one of your top priorities when you want to launch or expand your business in Taiwan because it can help you attract new customers and keep them interested in your brand.

Why do I need specialized content?

You require specialized Traditional Chinese content because it’s one of the best ways of making your brand stand out of the crowd. Every single Taiwan business needs to have a main theme that it should promote over and over again.

The content that you post on social media and even use for promotional materials needs to match your current business theme. If you are worried that you will not be able to come up with new, interesting ideas all the time, you shouldn’t be!

Your customers already tell you everything you need to know through the topics that they are interested in and the type of content that they post or follow on a daily basis. You just need to connect these topics with the theme of your Taiwan business.

Let’s say that you are the owner of a Taiwan business that offers online fitness classes. The main theme of your company is: “We want to help busy individuals exercise properly from the comfort of their own home so that they can get in shape, stay fit and healthy.”

How will I come up with ideas?

Here is how you can match the main theme of the business to the content that your prospective customers are interested in. First of all, you need to make sure that your content focuses on 3 main ideas.

These ideas need to be completely different. The information that you pass around should not be a repetition of the same old idea. Interesting, original and specific content will convince online users to stop and pay attention to your Taiwan website.

To achieve the results that you are working for, you need to focus on content that presents fun ways of exercising while being at home, tips that will help individuals stay motivated or healthy, yet delicious recipes that will help them lead a healthier lifestyle.

Let’s say that your customers currently post about music, junk food and fun activities. Now, all you need to do is match your Taiwan business theme with these topics and come up with content that will guide prospective customers towards your online fitness classes.

You should consider pairing music with fun activities, junk food with healthy food and motivation tips with solutions to daily exercising issues. At this point, you have three main ideas that you can use to come up with appealing posts for your main audience.

For music and fun activities, you can post photos of pillow fights, childhood games such as jumping rope, add a link to workout music and write content that talks about the benefits of laughing while doing everything mentioned above.

When it comes to junk food & healthy food combination, you can take all the popular, yet unhealthy recipes that you can find and change the ingredients that add too many calories to the meal. Remember to talk about the advantages of healthier food and to focus on the deliciousness of the new ingredients. Add some convincing photos as well.

For the third idea, you should know that – every day, individuals find a whole new set of reasons to not exercise – they feel tired, they are too busy, there are other pressing matters that they need to attend and so on. All your content should be based on motivational advice and solutions that will help your customers overcome all of the obstacles mentioned above.

How do I get measurable results?

Interesting enough, you can measure the results of all your efforts by counting likes, comments, analyzing feedback and the percentage of online Taiwan followers that you have managed to reach through your content.

Are you ready to apply these principles to your own online Taiwan business/website? If you need guidance, Marketing-Taiwan is here to help you every single step of the way!