Taiwanese Consumer Behaviour vs Taiwanese Businesses

The Taiwanese market is open to any entrepreneur that wants to launch a Taiwanese business and become successful. Nevertheless, before you jump head in, you should make sure that you understand the business realm in Taiwan – what Taiwanese individuals are all about and how businesses can cater to their specific needs.

Taiwanese consumers are smart consumers

Being the manager of a startup in Taiwan is not an easy job, especially if you want to use all of your resources efficiently.

Taiwanese individuals have started to become immune to ads, which means that businesses need to find new, original ways of attracting them. Obviously, globalizationis the main reason why Taiwanese consumers have risen their standards regarding the products and services that they consume. As a free country, Taiwan offers you the freedom to find the most ingenious ways of promoting your brand.

Internet penetration, which is now at 84% is yet another factor that influences the behaviour of Taiwanese people. The online world is where you will reach most of your target audience and where the name, products and services of your brand will have the chance to become viral. As an added bonus, 9 in 10 Taiwanese internet users own a smartphone and according to the Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC), in June 2015, 68.8% of them used them for online activities. The same research study says that computers are used by 56.3% Taiwanese internet surfers, while laptops by merely 22.4%. This data tells us that mobile apps and mobile websites should not be ignored while creating a business strategy.

Cultural idioms dictate how your brand is perceived in Taiwan

Taiwan is not equal to China. Using the same language and idioms that you use on the Chinese market is a strategy that will contribute to an early failure of your Taiwanese business. Language is one of the barriers that might lead to cultural misunderstandings as an English-only message will not reach your target audience. Younger generations will probably understand it, but a Taiwanese or Taiwanese-English approach would be more effective.

In the online environment, social media will allow you to get an immediate reaction to the message that you want to spread. Facebook has a 71% penetration rate in Taiwan, which means that your marketing plan needs to be adjusted accordingly. Instead of focusing your resources on other globally popular social networks, you should limit your content strategy to Facebook.

Brand identity and smart PR can pave your path to success

Taiwan comes from a manufacturing background, where business managers were obsessed with increasing sales numbers instead of creating a bond with their target audience. Nowadays, brand identity is what will get your Taiwanese business far. It will help you build trust and convince Taiwanese consumers that your products and services are their best choice.

Making sure that the general public has the best possible opinion about your brand is not easy to achieve, especially if you do not understand the Taiwanese consumers’ way of thinking. A Public Relations (PR) practitioner can act as a “window” through which your Taiwanese business delivers information. Consumers’ opinions need to be acknowledged, but they also need to be kept on a need-to-know basis.

Essential Facts About Taiwanese Online Consumers

Spending time online is one of the favourite activities of Taiwanese consumers that own some sort of computer or mobile device. While being connected to the internet, they are active on social media and enjoy visiting online shops.

1. Forget about ads and focus your efforts on user experience for better results

Due to the fact that the online world is filled with ads for various products, Taiwanese internet users have gotten to a point where they feel completely annoyed. If you want them to pay attention to your products/services, offer them quality content that can they use in their day to day life. This is how you get them to acknowledge and see your brand as a life-improving entity that is worth their time and money.

When you talk about Taiwan and social media, Facebook should be your main focus. If you are looking for an even more personalized approach, there is nothing stopping you from including the local BBS social network (ptt.cc) in your content strategy. Your social media strategy should value quality over quantity. A less promotional content/more educational content strategy will help your Taiwanese business go a long way.

If you are already thinking about cutting costs, the user interface of your website should not have to suffer. When Taiwanese internet users have to deal with badly organised websites that take forever to load, their immediate reaction is a negative one. They will go back to the search results page and follow a link to another similar website. Great user experience is essential if you want Taiwanese web surfers to stay on your website and visit it again in the future.

2. Taiwanese user experience and Feedback go hand in hand

Besides not enjoying ads, Taiwanese consumers are used to stating their opinion freely about any topic of interest, including the products and services of a particular business. As long as you constantly try to improve their experience with your brand, they will not state any negative facts about it. Moreover, they will turn to your Taiwanese business for support time and time again.

Taiwanese individuals are proud of being Taiwanese, not Chinese, which means that a general inbound marketing plan for the Asian market is a waste of resources. Their opinion will be influenced by your approach. As a Taiwanese startup manager, you can’t afford to disappoint your Taiwanese audience. If you do that, everyone will know about it and your brand might not be able to recover.

3. Taiwanese consumers enjoy the English language, but they are not good at it

You can use English-based promotional materials, but you should not make Taiwanese individuals struggle to understand the meaning of your message. English words or idioms can be used to catch the eye of your Taiwanese audience, but you should not overdo it. Go with a simple, concise, easy to understand message/text.

One of the facts that you might not know about Taiwan is that it is big on environment. You have the option of using this important detail to create a smart strategy that will make your Taiwanese business more likeable. Show your concern for the planet and gain the attention and respect of Taiwanese consumers.

Top Factors that Influence Taiwanese Consumer Behaviour

Why Taiwan?

Taiwan is a country filled with opportunities, especially for entrepreneurs that want to expand their business to this rich market. Nonetheless, all decisions that are made towards this goal should be based on relevant information that can help you adjust your approach regarding Taiwanese consumers. The good news is that a recent study says 87% of Taiwanese consumers are more likely to shop online than go to regular stores.

You can access the online environment and use the tools available for your business to build and promote your brand through all the right channels. If you are looking for a minimal use of resources and gain maximum profit, a little bit of research regarding Taiwanese consumer behaviour and a well-thought inbound marketing plan will do the trick. Fortunately, Marketing-Taiwan understands the consumer behaviour of Taiwanese individuals and knows just how to elaborate your inbound marketing plan to reach all of your business goals.

Here are a few factors that you should check out before you decide on any marketing strategies for your Taiwan business:

1. Brand identity

What does this mean? Well, even though Taiwan is traditionally a country that based its economy on the manufacturing field, where marketing and the creation of brands were not priorities, the situation has changed. Nowadays, Taiwanese individuals want to identify themselves with the brand of a product. They want to believe that a particular product was specifically designed to match their needs. That’s why your brand should deliver this message.

2. Global trends

Interesting enough, globalization has offered Taiwanese consumers access to information, products and services that have helped them create their own sophisticated identity. So, if you already have a business and have been thinking about expanding it to the Taiwan business market, you may attract them with an approach that respects their cultural identity and that will allow them to follow modern trends from all over the world.

3. Educational information

Taiwanese consumers don’t like being bombarded with ads that don’t offer them any valuable information whatsoever. No matter how interesting your promotional materials are, you should focus on offering prospective customers useful information that can help them improve their life. By showing them that you care about their needs, Taiwanese individuals will become interested in the products and services that you have to offer.

4. User experience

Most businesses want to save as much money as possible, so some of them decide to cut costs when creating their website. However, your Taiwan website needs to offer Taiwanese users the opportunity to browse through pages and products with ease. You should also make sure that the ordering process requires only a few clicks. Keep the design of the site simple, yet attractive and don’t change it too often.

5. Brand engagement

It is not enough to build a brand that looks good on paper but that does not offer Taiwanese consumers the impression that their voices are heard. There a few easy ways in which you can engage with your target audience, especially with consumers that have something negative to say. Social media is one of the channels that can help you in this matter. Keep track of relevant conversations and respond to comments and messages.

6. Comfort

Besides the fact that there are product reviews available a simple click away, Taiwanese internet users have access to a larger variety of products and services that they can choose from. Make sure that your marketing team approaches your target audience through the channels that they use the most (Facebook, email and so on). It’s more comfortable for consumers this way because they don’t have to look for your products.

7. After purchase support/service

Obviously, you want to make sure that the website visitors that you have managed to turn into customers will become loyal to your brand. Well, you should know that it is not enough to offer them a quality product or your complete attention only until the transaction is completed. Taiwanese consumers need to know that they can count on your support even after they have invested in your products or services.

Taiwanese Consumer Behaviour


The moment you decide to take the first steps towards launching your business on the Taiwan market, you have to look for support. The best idea that you could have would be to look for a Taiwan based team of digital marketing experts that understand Taiwanese consumer behaviour and will help you not only set realistic business goals, but also reach them sooner rather than later. Marketing-Taiwan is here for your Taiwan business on an ongoing basis and will offer it the best conditions to evolve!