Test Your Taiwanese Content Before You Invest

These are the questions that we will answer in this article:

  1. What should you know regarding the dissimilarities between short and long form content?
  2. What are the reasons that should convince you to use both forms of content?
  3. What is the best way to see and measure results?

Taiwanese content quality

Before you start thinking about the length of the content that you intend on creating and posting online, you should make sure that you pay attention to an essential factor – Taiwanese content quality. With that in mind, you should be aware that long form content is usually longer than 3000 words, while short form content focuses below this particular word count.

Long form vs Short form

Long form content will convince your target audience to spend more time on your Taiwan website or blog and will offer more in-depth information. This way, the content posted can truly help the Taiwanese reader in his day to day life. However, the chances of the long form Taiwanese content going viral or being shared are not that great.

Short form content is more likeable and shareable from the point of view of online Taiwanese users. Due to the fact that individuals usually scan the content and focus on the keywords, short form Taiwanese content might be best if you want to draw attention to your Taiwanese website and get the online recognition that you require.

Both of these types of content offer a different set of advantages, but what you need to keep in mind is that they complete each other in terms of helping you reach the goals of your Taiwan business. What long form content can not help you with is handled by short form content.

Case Study

Let’s say that you are the manager of a cooking blog where you post all sorts of fun reviews of healthy food products. One day, you decide that you want to take this entire business idea one step further, so you pay for the services of a filming crew and you have them film you while you cook something. When the video is done, you post it online.

The only problem in this case is that only your close friends or relatives see and like your video. What did you do wrong? Well, you did not know beforehand if people were going to be interested in such a cooking video, which means that you did not know if your budget was going to be well-spent.

Even though you were presenting something fun and interesting, you can’t know for sure that this will be what others think. Well, successful Taiwanese marketers usually focus on mixing long form content with short form content. They make sure that before they invest time, money and energy, they test their idea in its shortest and simplest form.


The smartest way of finding out if your idea is a successful one that engages your target audience, is to consider starting small and increase the length of your posts gradually. You should go through all these stages: small, medium, long.

Small or micro is the type of content that you usually see on social networking sites such as Twitter, or in Taiwan, it will be on Line app or instagram. It’s cost efficient and it allows you to test different variations of your idea. Medium or base is a form of content that you use when creating blog posts, short videos or even newsletters, while long form content also known as hero is used when it comes to event series, films and even apps.

If you have reached hero mode, your idea is extremely successful. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind the fact that even though your Taiwanese business has many followers online and your Taiwanese content gets many likes, this does not mean that you have reached your full potential. You should be paying attention to the number of shares.

The more people share your Taiwanese content, the easier it will be for you to realize just how interesting your idea is. Look at the comments that Taiwanese online users post and do a quick analysis of your content. Does it answer the questions of your followers? Make sure that you also check out the number of leads that your content gets you.


This way, you can find out if your content is convincing people to do what you are expecting them to do. Sales numbers account for another factor that will help you measure the level of your success.

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